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Vehicles have evolved tremendously since the first models. Part of these changes involves safety features like car windows. Vehicle windows have transformed from typical easily-breakable glass to those made from laminated glass. So, how much do you know about the windows in your vehicle? The professionals at Miracle Auto Glass Center, your one-stop auto glass service company, break it down for you below.

The Windshield

Windshields are crucial components of your car, and it’s crafted from laminated glass. This means that in case you get into an accident, it offers much of the vehicle’s cabin structural soundness. So, supposing the windshield is compromised, the chances of getting seriously hurt increase significantly.

Do you know that damaged windshields could hinder effective airbag deployment? In normal circumstances, the airbags touch the windshield prior to turning towards you to offer cushioning. In case of windscreen damage, the airbag’s impact might shatter it, and this will prevent it from protecting you from the crash.


If your vehicle has a sunroof, it is vital to keep an eye on that too. Due to its location, a compromised sunroof can bring about water leaks. Another problem is dust which can be traumatic if you are asthmatic or allergic.

The more you stay without having your compromised sunroof checked, the greater the damage, and the more costly it will be. Water and ultraviolet rays will lead to the growth of mildew and fading. Now, instead of paying for sunroof repair, you will also have to pay for fixing your seats.

The Rear Windshield

Rear windows come in an array of shapes and sizes depending on your vehicle type and manufacture year. Similar to the side glass, the rear windshield is crafted from tempered glass. Although tempered glass is more robust than ordinary glass, it doesn’t hold a candle to laminated glass, meaning it doesn’t offer much in terms of structural integrity. Still, in case you’re in an accident, the glass shatters into tiny pieces rather than massive shards that will most likely lacerate you.

Maybe you have seen lines on the rear windscreen. Their purpose is to facilitate small electrical currents when you are defrosting the rear. This action keeps the windshield clear for better vision. In most vehicles today, the rear windshield comes with a rear wiper to keep the window clean.

Side Glass

Although side glass is crafted from tempered glass, laminated glass provides enhanced protection. Laminated side windows offer visibility while driving; thus, cracked ones can be a real problem. Broken or damaged side windows are a security risk since they offer the perfect entrance for criminals, even if you cover them with plastic sheeting.

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