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Should I Be Worried Black Dots On My Windshield?

Your car’s windshield is possibly one of the most crucial things but sadly, the most overlooked. It shields the occupants of the vehicle from everything outside the car. It also permits the driver to see the road well, meaning it should be in tip-top condition at all times.

At Miracle Auto Glass Center, we understand how important the windshield is to your car. That is why we strive to offer exceptional windshield repair and replacement services.

Apart from the usual chips, cracks, and scratches on your windshield, vehicle owners also have to contend with black dots. Nearly every car’s windshield has patterned stripes and black dots. Unfortunately, many people mistake them for a problem that needs to be fixed. But the reality is that the black dots are a vital part of your windshield!

Both the striped patterns and black spots on the windshield are known as the frit, and they are on the window for a reason. The frit is the black enamel band along the outer part of the windshield. To put it simply, without the frit, your car wouldn’t have a windscreen since it is the frit that binds it to the vehicle.

Anytime the Miracle Auto Glass Center technicians need to repair or replace your car’s windshield, they utilize the frit to fuse the windshield to the car’s frame. Apart from having practical uses, it also has aesthetic benefits. The frit presents a flawless look by hiding the adhesive used on the windshield.

Apart from keeping the windshield in place and enhancing its appearance, the frit also serves another purpose.

It acts as an ultraviolet radiation shield that protects the glass from too much exposure to the sun. Overexposure to the sun’s rays will wreak havoc on the windshield’s adhesive over time. It offers shade from the sun for the occupants.

Essentially, the black dots on your car’s windshield are not an issue that needs solving. Although they might not be as crucial as the engine nevertheless, they play a vital role. It’s interesting how something so little means so much to the car, and most car owners don’t even have a clue!

Miracle Auto Glass Center boasts of highly-trained windshield experts well-versed in everything auto glass- frit included. Whenever you have any misgivings about your car’s windows, you now know who to call.

We will provide excellent solutions to all your windshield-related requirements.