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A Few Very Important Functions of the Windshield

It is crucial to keep the windshield of a car free of damage because of the role it plays in giving a driver good visibility of the road ahead. The windshield also protects the occupants of a car in many ways.

A windshield repair or replacement job for a damaged windshield is necessary in ensuring the safety on the roads. An article on SmileysGlass.com provides reasons why the windshield of a car needs to be in good condition.

The Windshield is a Safety Restraint

The windshield prevents the occupants of a car from being thrown out of the car during an accident. Like seatbelts and airbags, windshields help restrain occupants of a car to keep them safe.

In addition, the windshield also help in the deployment of airbags. Only  a windshield that is properly installed can help in the deployment of front airbags.

The Windshield Protects Occupants in Rollover Accidents

Rollover accidents has a high fatality rate in comparison with other types of car accidents. The windshield of a car protects the occupants in a rollover accident by providing structural support to the roof of the car. It keeps the roof of the car from collapsing during a rollover accident.

The Windshield Offers Visibility to a Driver with the Help of Wipers

Visibility is important to drivers as it helps drivers have a clear view of the road ahead. A windshield that provides good visibility is a windshield that is free of cracks and chips.

The windshield is also installed with wipers that remove debris  dust, water and other elements that obstruct visibility. The wipers are also useful in helping remove mist or fog from the windshield. They are also useful in clearing the windshield of snow.

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