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What are the Uses of the Black Stripes and Dots on the Windshield

There are many reasons why the windshield of a car must always be in good condition. Problems like cracks and chips on the windshield can   make driving a dangerous activity. Visibility contributes largely to the safety of driving. Cracks and chips particularly along the driver’s line of sight can impair visibility and prevent a driver from trying to avoid accidents.

Both accidents and general wear and tear can damage a windshield. Any sign of problem in the windshield is a good reason for repair or replacement. Every windshield has black stripes and dots on its edge. According to an article on GlassUsa.com, the stripes and dots are useful in the installation of the windshield itself. It  also protects the windshield glass from UV rays.

In Windshield Installation

The black stripes and spots are called the frit. During installation, the frit is a bonding point between the glass itself and the frame of a car. The frit is baked into the edges of the windshield glass so the glass bonds to the frame. The windshield component also hides the adhesive to provide a polished appearance.

Protection Against UV Rays

While the side of the frit that is facing inwards bonds the glass and the frame, the side that is facing outwards has a different purpose. The side that is facing outwards keeps the UV radiation from damaging the adhesive. Long-term exposure to direct sunlight that is damaging to the adhesion in the glass. UV radiation can damage or weaken the adhesion over time.

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