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Summertime Tips for Preventing Rock Chips from Cracking out your Windshield

It is a fact that cracked windshields are a summer thing in Texas, where the sweltering Texas sun leaves its mark on car windshields, particularly those already damaged. Our auto glass experts at Miracle Auto Glass Company get tons of phone calls from car owners who leave it too long before having their windshields checked. Unfortunately, the cracks would have spread across the entire windshield in most cases, rendering it unrepairable. As your premier auto glass repair and replacement service, we care for your welfare, and we have assembled some vital summer windshield care pointers.

Summer Windshield Care Tips

Does your vehicle’s windshield have rock chips? Below are crucial hot weather auto glass care tips to avoid a cracked windshield.

Always deal with rock chips immediately rather than waiting to see whether they will spread or not. With the road vibration, changes in pressure and temperature, and heat, even the tiniest rock chips can spread over the whole windshield without warning.

Embracing a culture of parking your car in the shade has its importance, especially in the long run. The baking sun is the greatest enemy of your windshield and is the most common cause of cracks in summer. And as a precaution, always roll down your windows like half an inch to lessen the inside temperature of your vehicle.

To be on the safe side as far as your auto glass is concerned, avoid sudden changes in temperatures. Never blast ice-cold air conditioning directly on your hot windshield. The resultant temperature change can lead to tiny chips, plus microscopic cracks, which ultimately cause bigger cracks.

Slamming your car doors is a no-no as far as auto glass care is concerned. Damages like rock chips create weak spots on the windshield, and when the door is slammed hard, the sudden change in pressure can spread the rock chip extensively.

Before your auto glass starts to crack, your best bet for professional rock chip repair is the one and only Miracle Auto Glass Company. We offer state-of-the-art windshield repair services that are a cut above the rest. And in case the crack has spread, and it’s too late for repairs, we are accomplished and trusted windshield replacement experts too.