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Imagine going out into sub-zero temperatures to remove snow and ice from the windshield of your vehicle. It can be a frustrating and intimidating experience. A windshield that doesn’t deice effectively can cause safety issues arising from poor visibility. While this is a task that you cannot ignore, your favorite auto glass replacement center, Miracle Auto Glass Company, has compiled some ‘do’ and don’ts’ of effortless windshield deicing.  

DO: Alwaysstart your car and use the defroster feature gradually to warm the windshield. The warmup might take up to five minutes, based on the duration the car has been outside, and the outside temperature.

DON’T: Try to remove the ice from your windshield before it begins to display signs of thawing.

DO: Brush off all the loose ice and snow with a broom or plastic brush, using rapid, short strokes with an ice scrapper made of plastic to scrap away the ice after it has melted slightly.

DON’T: Ever pour hot water on the windshield to hasten the deicing exercise. Drastic temperature changes will stress the windshield and lead to cracks or weaken the integrity of the glass.

DO: Remove the ice and snow from your car’s tailpipe to decrease the odds of carbon monoxide hitting the car as it warms up.

DON’T: Apply hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, WD-40, or vinegar on the windshield. The acidic nature of vinegar will devastate both the wipers and the surface of the windshield. In addition, hydrogen peroxide and rubbing alcohol will erode the paintwork of your vehicle.   

DO: To prevent the accumulation of ice, you are advised to park in a sheltered area. You can cover the car with a tarp attached to bungee cables or use car covers.

DON’T: Utilize ice picks, metal ice scrapers, knives, vehicle keys, or any other sharp items to get rid of the snow and ice from the windshield. Regardless of how cautious you do it, the metal objects can damage the car.

DO: Always inspect the windshield wipers to ensure that they aren’t coated with ice for effective driving.

DON’T: Apply antifreeze to keep the water in the windshield reservoir from freezing up. Rather, get some windshield washer liquid particularly made for winter or freezing seasons.

DO: Utilize commercial deicers. Though some deicers usually quicken the procedure, they may contain chemicals that aren’t suitable for daily windshield use.

As your premier auto glass expert, Miracle Auto Glass Company is dedicated to provide superior auto glass repair and replacement services. A word of advice; most cases of windshield deicing damage is as a result of habits prompted by being impatient. So it is vital to take a little bit of more time in cold months.