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Car Protection Before Auto Shop Repairs

Rain and light sensor on the windshield of the car

According to an article on, when a glass part breaks, it becomes a point of entry for things that cause further damage to a car. Rain, snow and pests are only a few of them. The broken glass part of a car also makes it easier for someone to steal valuable items or the car itself.

Taking a car to a repair shopimmediately after a glass part has been damaged is the best course of action. However, considerations like budget and availability of replacement glass may prevent immediate auto glass replacement. So, the same article offers steps to securing a car until glass repair or replacement has been made.

For Broken Glass

The first step to securing a car with glass damage is to discard the broken glass pieces. Wearing protective gloves, remove large shards of glass. Then, use a shop vacuum to remove small pieces of glass. Inserting the hose of a vacuum close to the window seal removes glass that is stuck inside. Vacuum the car multiple times to make sure that all glass is gone.

For the Window Seal and Frame Area

Using a soft cloth damp with water, wipe the window seal and frame to remove dirt and dust. Doing it allow tape  to stick to the area that needs to be sealed off. Dust and dirt can only prevent tape from adhering to the surfaces that need to be covered.

For the Window Itself

Use clear packing tape to seal off a window. Run strips vertically along the window opening. Start applying the tape on one side of a window and from inside of the car. Tape must be laidvertically, so the strips stick on the window frame. Then, apply tape to create another layer. Keep doing it until the opening is already sealed off.

Remember to do it from inside of a car because tape can remove  car paint. There is an option to use a cardboard, but it can result in the cardboard getting damaged by rain and moisture.

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