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How Windshields Protect During a Car Collision Event

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On any given day, the windshield of a car provides excellent protection from dirt, debris and small objects. And, when there is a car crash, the windshield provides support to the roof to prevent it from collapsing on the occupants. How is the windshield of a car able to help maintain the structural integrity during a collision event? An article on offers an explanation.

The Strength of Automotive Glass for Windshields

According to the article, the automotive glass used for windshields is designed and manufactured to provide protection to the occupants of a car. The glass is made up of two sheets of glass and a thin layer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) in between the two glass sheets.

The glass layers are sealed using pressure and heat, so the adhesive quality of PVB to the glass. The layer of PVB allows the windshield to absorb energy better during a collision event. And, the strength of PVB makes it less likely to break in a car collision. Because of  PVB, a cracked or(broken windshield) remains intact in a collision event.

Other Ways Windshields Protect During a Collision Event

The strength and rigidity of a windshield provides excellent support to the structure of a car when there is an (auto accident).

Head-On Collision Support

The windshield of a car helps minimize the effect of a head-on collision. About 45% of support to the structural integrity of a car comes from the strength of its windshield. So, without the windshield, a car might end up crushed after a head-on collision.

Air Bag Support

When air bags deploy during a collision, they bounce off the windshield first. The impact of the force and speed of airbag deployment is absorbed by the windshield to add to the safety of airbag deployment.

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