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Windshield’s Importance in Daily Commute

The windshield is a very important part of a car.  It not only protects occupants from external elements, but also functions as safety gear during an accident.

With the windshield being essential in someone’s daily commute, any damage that happens in the windshield must be fixed right away. An article on stresses the importance of a windshield in good condition and explains the reasons why the windshield is important in someone’s daily commute.

Gives A Clear View of the Outside World

According to the article, a truly beautiful windshield allows someone to see the road ahead and the beauty of nature clearly. The most important job of the windshield is visibility. A windshield that obstructs the view of the driver makes driving dangerous not only to a driver but also to passengers. It is better to stay off the roads than drive with compromised visibility.

In the article, the role of a windshield in protecting car occupants from the wind is also explained. There is a reason why it is called a “windshield” instead of a window. According to the article, driving at a speed anywhere between 20 to 75 miles per hour is problematic if the car does not have a windshield. The wind blowing in someone’s face at those speeds is definitely an issue.

Protects Car Occupants in an Accident

Another function of the windshield is to protect the driver and passengers of a car in an accident. A windshield does not easily shatter in an accident like an auto collision. And, it is built to retain its shape in case of a car accident. Because a windshield does not easily shatter, the occupants of a car in an accident are protected from shards of glass. The windshield of a car is likely to “spiderweb” than shatter during an accident.

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