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There have been a lot of windshield scam incidents in the last few years. And undoubtedly, the responsible organizations have taken down several scammers, so a big round of applause to their services. However, as a citizen and a sensible person, you must know how to secure yourself from such frauds to ensure you and your financial position is entirely safe. These scammers take advantage of your innocence and recommend you have a windshield repair in San Antonio even when nothing seems wrong with it. And as good as they can be, they offer their services for free and claim to have everything fixed right on the spot. But that’s how they trick people and this is how you can also be tricked. Nevertheless, you can always escape from their trap by adopting simple tricks, such as:

1.     Don’t Believe Whatever they Say

These scammers are found to be more at places like gas stations and parking lots. They usually come directly with a sales pitch and hit you with their words. They will try their best to convince you to get your windshield fixed by very inexpensively, and sometimes they won’t even ask for the service charges in return, as they will tell you that your insurance company will take care of the payment. And if they find you a bit insecure with their terms, they might also offer you free movie tickets or gift cards by faking their identity that they belong to so-and-so company.

2.     Never Share Your Personal Information

These scammers will ask you for your personal identification and your insurance number to make the impression that the entire payment will be paid by the insurer. As soon as you provide your information, they will charge your insurance company a huge amount. Of course! Your insurance firm will not pay anything, as they will investigate and the claim will turn out to be a big fraud. As a consequence, you might end up losing your insurance policy. Sometimes, the scammers also ask for the social security number and bank details. In that case, they can hack your bank accounts and get away with all your money. So, it is always suggested not to submit any information unless you know a company is reputable.

3.     Don’t Respond Immediately

Patience is the key to handle unfavorable situations. Remember, as soon as you get any hint that they are trying to scam you, do not panic. Don’t let them know that you’re on to them just in case they have intentions of harming you or your passengers. So try to stay focused and relaxed, and do not act impulsively. Your priority should be of getting out of their trap safe and sound, so try to avoid any problem by excusing yourself. Once you find yourself and the passengers safe, instantly call the police and explain the entire incident.

Even if these scammers don’t take your money, they can harm you in several ways. Always keep in mind that if you ever want to have your windshield repaired in San Antonio, then contact Miracle Auto Glass Center. Our professional and safe team can help you get back on the road fast.