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Getting a scratch on the windshield is as annoying as it is dangerous. A scratch on your cars’ windshield can hinder the visibility while driving and compromise the safety of everyone present in that vehicle.

So, it is imperative to resolve the problem as early as possible. Try to identify the cause of scratch and get professional help with windshield repair San Antonio.

What Can Be The Possible Causes Of Scratches On Your Windshield?

Winter scene, hand scraping ice from the windshield of the car
  • Defective Wiper Blades

The defective and hard surface of the windshield’s wiper blades can cause scratches, especially when the glass is dry or wipers are aged. Furthermore, if some objects like pebble, stone, or sand trapped under the wiper blades, it also leads to windshield scratches.

  • Damaged Ice Scrapers

In the cold and snowy area, you need to remove the ice from your cars’ windshield as well as windows to get a clear view of road and traffic while driving. And, to remove ice most people use ice scrapers, and when these tools become hard or old, they can cause scratches on your windshield.

  • Road Debris

Road debris including, stones, pebbles, and small rocks can fly off your windshield and can cause scratches as well. 

Call Miracle Auto Glass Center Help for Scratches or Windshield Repair San Antonio

Professional removes the scratch from the windshield

Cracks, as well as scratches, can also be extremely dangerous, if not looked at in time. However, when left unattended, scratches become worse over time.

When you found any scratch on your windshield, you should definitely consult Miracle Auto Glass Center. Our professionals will check your windscreen and will tell you whether you’ve got a scratch or a crack. Also, instead of taking care of scratch with a little bit of polishing, it’s better to call people who are trained to handle windshield repair San Antonio tasks day in and day out.

We are experts in windshield repair, replacement, and installation work. Further, we also handle all the insurance work to help you with the best and reliable windshield services in San Antonio.

Reach us now to know more about our offers and services.