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Windshield Repair Myths and Misconceptions Busted by Miracle Auto Glass Company

We don’t know how crucial windshields are until something goes awry. Without windshields, drivers would be buffeted by strong winds, assaulted by bugs and insects, flying debris, rocks, and a host of other things. What your windshield does is protect you, but sometimes it ends up getting damaged, necessitating professional windshield repair or replacement.

In the course of searching for a reputable windshield repair company, you’ll come across many myths and misconceptions. As your premier windshield repair company, Miracle Auto Glass Company has outlined some of these misconceptions.

Windshield repair Will Force You to Skip Work

Another myth is that windshield repair companies are just like utility guys, and they’ll force you to skip work. This is far from the truth. Most glass repair companies offer mobile services, Miracle Auto Glass Company included. They will come to your preferred location, including your place of work, on the day of your choosing and deliver an efficient and professional job.

Getting Windshield Repair Automatically Leads to Higher Insurance Rates

In theory, insurance firms can increase rates after each claim. Still, fortunately for car owners, insurers know that would lead to a PR nightmare, considering you can choose another insurer at any time. Insurance firms can’t risk losing clients for small-sized claims commonly needed for windshield replacement/repairs. But if you have numerous claims, which points to you being a high-risk driver, then all bets would be off.

You Can Wait Indefinitely To Fix a Small Crack or Ding

That small ding or crack you keep ignoring will actually spread until it becomes too costly to fix. The question you have to grapple with is, do you repair something that will cost a lot less money and take little time, or do you wait and probably end up spending lots of cash and face a possible life-threatening situation?

Only Large, Heavy Rocks Can Damage a Windshield

 Actually, even gravel can cause significant damage to your auto glass, especially at high speeds. Here, there are few aspects that will affect the magnitude of the damage to your windshield. One is the object’s heaviness, secondly, your speed against it, followed by where the object hits (hitting the driver’s side can be more dangerous). Lastly, the shape of the missile (a light metal rod can wreak considerable devastation.)

Miracle Auto Glass Company: Five-Star Auto Glass Repair and Replacement

While it is true that there are many auto glass repair and replacement companies practicing their craft, not all offer professional and reliable services. Auto glass repair is a highly specialized sector that needs top-notch service providers like Miracle Auto Glass Company. We are unmatched specialists in all things auto glass repair and replacement. Get in touch with us, and you’ll be glad that you did!