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Three Interesting Facts About Windshields
Tips for Keeping a Windshield in Good Condition

Windshields have a durable construction. A quality windshield is made of tough glass layers of glass. The glass layers include a poly vinyl butyral (PVB) layer that keeps the windshield from shattering during an accident.

Proper care and maintenance of the windshield of a car ensures that it does not damage easily. And, a windshield that is in good condition protects the occupants of a car during an accident. An article on offers maintenance tasks for windshields.

Checking for Chips

Chips in the windshield can be a big problem in colder months. Chips expand in cold temperature and over time become large cracks that are difficult to repair.

Chips can easily be seen from the inside of a car. As a word of caution, chips that cannot be seen from the inside of a car are the ones that need immediate attention. Chips can also be present near the edge of the frame, which are also crucial because they can turn into large cracks. The problem usually leads to replacement of the windshield.

Applying Windshield Treatments

Windshield treatments protect a windshield from scratches. They also keep a windshield shiny. Applying windshield treatment can also make driving safer because of improved visibility. When its raining, the windshield of a car that is coated with treatment allows water to roll away.

Other types of precipitation also slide off easily from a windshield that has been applied with treatment.

Replacing Wipers Regularly

Windshield wipers that are dysfunctional or bent can reduce visibility. They can also damage the windshield of a car. Changing the wipers should be done regularly, and it is good to set a schedule for changing the windshield wipers.

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