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Do you know that ice damage is one of the most significant causes of windshield leaks? If your car is parked outside at night during winter, snowflakes and raindrops will penetrate the rubber gaskets along the glass.

As morning approaches, the droplets usually freeze and expand. This leads to opening tiny gaps that will allow water into the vehicle. So what can you do to prevent your windshield from freezing? Here are some tried and proven tips from your favorite windshield repair in San Antonio expert.

Use Commercial De-Icer

De-icers are solutions that melt ice, and they are usually sold in spray bottles. While they are useful in combating frost already on your windshield, they also considerably reduce the chances of the glass freezing. The majority of the de-icers on the market contain anti-freeze ingredients that hinder ice formation.

While shopping for de-icers, you can as well look at the windshield washer fluids on offer. These fluids have anti-freeze and water-repelling properties, and during winter, they will help in maintaining visibility.

A DIY Solution Can Work Wonders

As far as DIY de-icers go, people have tried a variety of options, some of them outright strange like rubbing raw onions on the windows! Some popular de-icing formulas are made from rubbing alcohol or vinegar. For rubbing alcohol, mix two parts of alcohol and one part water in a spray bottle.

For the vinegar mix, use three parts of each part of water. When sprayed on your windshield and glass, these mixtures will burn through the ice. They even hinder any frost formation for a while. If your window cleaner fluid doesn’t contain any alcohol, you can add a little for streakless and bright windows.

Try a Windshield Cover Overnight

Perhaps the most effective way of preventing your windshield from freezing overnight would be to cover it with a windshield cover, a fabric, or tarp. Make sure that the cover is weighed down to prevent ice buildup.

Bonus Tip: Whatever you do, never use newspapers to cover the windshield. The thin paper scraps will stick on the glass and driving will be impossible until they thaw off.

Scrape it Off

If the tips given above are effective, then you wouldn’t have much use for a scrapper. But to be on the safe side, this is something that you should always have in your vehicle.

Your windshield cover might slip off and allow some rain or snowflakes into vulnerable spots around the glass. If you have embraced the de-icing options mentioned earlier, scraping will be a quick walk in the park.

Bonus Tip: To avoid scratches, don’t put excess pressure on the scraper. You should invest in a snow brush to lessen the risk of scratches from scrappers.

Final Thoughts on Windshield Care

By taking steps to protect your windshield from ice, you will save lots of precious time you could have spent defrosting it come morning.

As your personal windshield repair in San Antonio specialists, we recommend that winter is not the only time that you should take care of your windshield. Even during summer, the hot sun can wreak havoc to the glass as well.

For more information on how you can take care of your windshield, plus other glass related services, call Miracle Auto Glass Center.