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Will Insurance Pay for a Cracked Windshield Repair?

A small damage in the windshield of a car like a crack or a chip should not be ignored. A repair job for a damaged windshield can ensure that the problem does not lead to a more expensive repair job.

Does Insurance Cover  a Cracked or Chipped Windshield Repair?

It is possible that insurance will cover the cost for an auto glass repair. But, deciding to let insurance pay for it may result in the increase of the insurance rate.

According to an article on CentennialGlassBiz.com, an insurance policy that has a comprehensive clause allows a policy holder to let insurance pay for a repair that involves a crack or chip damage.

The clause includes repairing damages that are not caused by an accident, including the following situations:

  • Falling object like a tree branch
  • Rock chip damage
  • Vandalism

To check whether the insurance policy has the comprehensive clause or not, read the fine print or call the agent who handles the insurance policy.

Does a Cracked Windshield Need Replacement?

The insurance agent will know if the damaged windshield already needs to be replaced. It is important to describe the windshield damage to the agent. A chip that has the size of a quarter (or smaller than a quarter) can still be repaired without having to replace the windshield.

However, a chip the size of a quarter caused by a falling tree branch or stone, especially if the falling object cracked the inner layer of glass may require replacement of the windshield.

Furthermore, as a general rule, if a crack can be covered with a dollar bill, it is still reparable. However, a broken windshield which damage penetrated the inside glass or has a crack over the radio antenna or near the edge need to replaced.

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