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Why Do Auto Collision Repair Estimates Differ Between Shops?

Whether your car has been a victim of vandalism, an auto collision, or you need regular repairs, it makes sense to search for professional auto repair services. While searching, you may have observed lots of recommendations to compare different estimates from a few service providers. Maybe you are wondering why different auto shops provide varying estimates and yet the damage is the same.

There are quite a few reasons why one auto shop may give you one quotation and another, a very different one. Knowing these reasons will help you to choose wisely. Your favorite auto collision and repair center, Five Star Autoplex- Auto Body Repair has compiled the following reasons for you.

Use of Different Materials

Different auto body shops use a broad range of materials and tools in their work, including metal and plastics. This usually leads to different quotes.

Replacement Parts May be Different

As far as replacing your damaged auto parts and spares, an auto body shop can settle for either of several available alternatives. In this case, the cost of buying these replacement parts will also be different. Among the most common sources of parts include OEM or original equipment manufacturer, recycled auto parts, and non-OEM parts.

The Location Matters

In case an auto repair center is located inside the city, it means that you will have to pay more due to the associated overheads and operating costs. On the other hand, using an auto repair shop away from the city can guarantee you less expensive prices.

The Kind of Reputation and Experience Garnered

If an auto body shop has been in operation for decades, it goes without saying that they have garnered lots of loyal clients and they have the luxury of choosing any price. But for new auto body shops, who are not yet fully established, they have to charge lower prices to attract more clients.

Quotation Qualities are not Always the Same

Today, there is already a raging debate in the auto industry about the correct way of estimating and delivering auto repairs. Probably the rise of sophisticated auto technology has given rise to this discussion. In the provision of auto repair services, some providers adhere to regulations from insurers, others have to take your vehicle apart to pinpoint the issue while the more advanced ones use modern equipment to diagnose the problems. Such reasons are why you may get an inflated estimate from one auto body repair shop and another one underestimates the work.

This is why you need to talk to your local auto collision repair center Five Star Autoplex- Auto Body Repair to get a feeling on how they calculated the estimate and what to expect down the road. In case you need any auto collision repairs, give us a call today and we promise exceptional services.