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Who is Liable for Road Debris Windshield Damage?

A crack in the windshield caused by a rock is a huge problem. It is very possible that the crack damage is extensive and will lead to a windshield replacement job.

Insurance Claim for Road Debris Damage

Windshield damage because of road debris is not uncommon in Texas. While a windshield replacement job is most likely the consequence of a rock hitting a windshield, the cost of replacement can be paid by the insurance company.

In an insurance claim for such situation, determining whether there is someone who is liable for the damage is necessary. But, is it possible to find a person liable for a windshield crack caused by a rock hitting the windshield? An article on AMCO.net offers an explanation on the subject.

Liability for the Damage

According to the article, in determining whether someone is someone liable for the damage, it is important to know where the rock that damaged the glass came from. The article provides two possible scenarios in which auto glass was damaged by a rock.

In the first scenario, the windshield of a car is hit by a rock that spins up from the road because of a passing truck. In the scenario, the rock comes from the road. As a result, the accident is no one’s fault.

In the second scenario, a cement truck pulls up in front of a vehicle. From the bed of the truck, a rock comes loose and hits a window glass of the car. The accident may point to the truck driver as the person liable for the damage. The liability coverage of the truck driver will pay for the damage in this case.

What To Do When Someone is Liable

The first thing to do is call the car insurance company. It is also important to get the insurance information of the truck driver. Then, gather all other necessary information and report the incident to the police.

The information that the police gathers will be available to the insurance company. The windshield repair or replacement cost will be paid by the insurance company if the policy has comprehensive insurance coverage.

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