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When is it Time to Replace a Windshield?

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There comes a time when there is a need for a windshield replacement. It can happen when the windshield of a car becomes damaged in an auto collision.  A windshield replacement also becomes necessary when a windshield is not properly installed. A poor installation job can cause cracks to appear in the windshield. So, there is a good reason why an expert technician should handle a replacement job and other (auto glass repair) jobs.

But, how to know if it is already time for a windshield replacement? There are warning signs of trouble with windshield, according to an article on MrGoGlass.com. The article recommends seeking the help of an expert (windshield repair) and replacement technician when already noticing the signs.

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When the windshield of a car starts to rattle or bounce when the car is in motion, it should be enough reason to take the car to a repair shop. The sign becomes frequent when coming across a speed bump or hitting a pot hole. Rattling or bouncing can happen when the adhesive cannot keep the windshield in place. Another possible reason is that the windshield is not perfectly fitting in its frame. Consulting a technician about the problem is the best action plan.

Wavy or Crooked Windshield

A windshield that appears crooked or having a wavy pattern is a cause for concern. It can mean that the windshield does not have proper alignment. The problem cannot be easily noticed when looking at the car because the shift is usually minimal. However, the (broken windshield) becomes noticeable when looking out the windshield. It is best to immediately consult a technician upon noticing the problem.

Driving a Car Immediately After a Windshield Replacement

It is advisable to take the car to a repair shop if it has been driven immediately after a windshield repair or replacement job. Replacing a (broken windshield), for example, takes an hour to do, but the adhesives used to hold the windshield in place takes three to eight hours to harden or cure. Drive the car at least an hour after the windshield replacement Driving the car within the period can cause the windshield to misalign, according to the article. Even the slightest bump can cause the windshield to shift.

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