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What You Should Know About Rearview Mirror Replacement

Do you constantly have to readjust the rearview mirror of your car? Maybe it vibrates or wobbles, or it may have come off completely. While rearview mirror repair and replacement can prove tricky, your favorite auto glass repair center, Miracle Auto Glass Company has these valuable tips regarding rearview mirror replacement.

Modern Safety Features

Before this tech-savvy era, rearview mirror replacement and repair was quite uncomplicated. Car owners would either buy a new mirror or repair and remount the old one. Today, vehicles come impressively equipped with safety features like sensors and cameras that make rearview mirror replacement and repair a bit complicated unlike the past. When you have issues with your rearview mirror, retaining an accomplished auto glass technician is your best bet of getting a superior rearview mirror job.

To Repair or Not to Repair

The decision to either replace or repair your rearview mirror largely depends on the cause of the failure or malfunction. In some cases, rearview mirrors are connected directly to the windshield while in other vehicles, they are screwed to the roof. Possibly, the solution is just an easy retightening of a screw or reapplying adhesive. But if the rearview mirror comes with an array of safety features, you should contact your auto glass repair company before trying any kind of repair.

Is the Windshield Damaged?

At times, when your rearview mirror becomes detached or malfunctions, the windshield could suffer some damage. Maybe you’ve hit a pothole and the mirror comes off with a piece of windshield attached to it, or alternatively, tiny cracks or chips form on the glass where the rearview mirror was located. In addition, you may inadvertently damage the windshield when trying mirror replacement or repair. In such cases, the windshield needs to be replaced.

Miracle Auto Glass Company Windshield Replacement Services

When you bring your vehicle to Miracle Auto Glass Company for window replacement, you can bet your last cent that you’ll get superior rearview mirror replacement. We have experienced and skilled auto glass technicians with undeniable expertise in all aspects of auto glass replacement, especially rearview mirror replacement for late model and newer vehicles with ADAS features.