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Damaged Auto Glass: Should You Repair Or Replace It?
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What you need to know when getting your auto glass repaired or replaced

Glass is one of the most at-risk parts of the car, which is exactly why some car insurance providers offer no deductible windshield glass replacement as an optional extra. It is very important to discuss these options when originating auto insurance Depending on your financial situation you can find that having glass specific insurance can be beneficial or not be something you can decide not to have. Having extra glass options raises your premiums. Depending on your coverage you can pay little or nothing towards a deductible for glass damage. It may also allow you to make a claim that doesn’t impact your claim making status. A factor that might help you make this decision is the year of your vehicle. Newer vehicles are equipped with more attachments and many require recalibration for safety components that may increase the price of installation. On average glass replacement can rise above the typical $500 dollar deductibles for newer vehicles. Usually older vehicle glass parts are more readily available and don’t contain many attachments and doesn’t require recalibration. This may decrease the cost of glass replacement to a lower price range where specific glass coverage may not be beneficial. When purchasing car insurance we suggest to call Miracle Auto glass to get a glass quote on a windshield even if you don’t need a replacement at that moment to determine the cost you will incur when it is needed. To help you determine what kind of insurance coverage you may need. Our goal at Miracle Auto glass we can help you determine the best most cost effective way to get your glass fixed in any situation.