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What to Do in Case There Is a Broken Windshield Problem While on the Road

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Flying objects are among the common reasons why the windshield of a car gets damaged. According to an article on TahomaGlass.com, flying objects create more damage when they hit a car that moves at a high rate of speed. The article also provides advice to drivers in case the windshield of their car gets hit by flying objects on the road.

Damage Assessment

When the windshield of a car becomes damaged on the road, a driver needs to pull over at the nearest safe location. Turning on the hazard lights allows other drivers to see where the car is parked.  The next thing to do is to examine the damage in the windshield.

In an event that the windshield is shattered completely, it is important to ensure the safety of the occupants of the car by checking for glass-related injuries. Immediately call for emergency help for any glass-related injury sustained in the accident.

A cracked or chipped windshield could have dropped shards of glass inside the car. The shards of glass need to be removed so they do not get into the dash vents. It is also a good idea to cover the dash vents and do not get back on the road even if the cracked or chipped windshield still allows for a clear front view.

Calling the Authorities

It is recommended to phone the non-emergency number of the authorities to inform them about the situation. In case there is a need for the car to be moved to a safer location or traffic to be rerouted, the police station is able to send a police officer to help in the situation.

Calling the Insurance Company

An insurance with comprehensive coverage includes auto glass damages. Before calling the insurance company to report a claim, take photos of the broken windshield. Remember that the may need to pay a deductible for an auto glass repair claim depends on the insurance coverage. It also depends on the severity of the glass damage. Furthermore, the insurance company may pay for the entire windshield replacement cost.

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