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What is Windshield Pitting and How Does it Affect Driving

Windshield pitting presents a visibility problem for drivers particularly during daytime. Because good visibility allows a person to drive safely, it is important to correct the problem of windshield pitting right away.

Windshield pitting can lead to a situation where a driver on the road becomes blinded by the glare from the sun. The article provides useful information about the dangerous windshield glass damage.

Windshield Pitting Damaging the Glass

When the windshield has glares or specks when sunlight passes  through it, it can mean that there is already windshield pitting. Windshield pitting can occur because of wear and tear. The type of windshield damage is caused by sand, dust and other types of debris.

The particles can come into contact with the windshield frequently as one drives on roads. A car travelling at high speeds is more likely to have its windshield come in contact with particles that become embedded in the glass.

How Does Windshield Pitting Damage a Windshield?

Windshield pitting occurs when particles that hit the windshield create small craters in the glass. These craters distort light that passes through the windshield. As a result, the driver’s vision is affected. Light is reflected in different directions because it is hitting each surface of the crater.

Even when a windshield has only one crater, which is rarely the case according to the article, a driver can still be blinded by light that hits it.

Fixing the Problem

Windshield repair is not an option when dealing with windshield pitting problem. Replacing the windshield is necessary in such situation because it would be impossible to remove the craters. Although there are do-it-yourself (DIY) videos out there for window pitting repair, any DIY solution that attempts to remove the craters only makes them uneven and may even worsen the problem.

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