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Types of Windshield Damage That Need Windshield Repair San Antonio

Do you know that windshield damage tops the list of insurance claims in the United States? In addition, however careful a driver you might be, accidents are sometimes inevitable. Whether your windshield is broken, chipped, or cracked either from a car collision or flying pebbles, finding professional windshield repair San Antonio is the next best step.

There are two types of windshield damage: a chip or a crack.

A chip is when a part of the windshield is missing, and it is usually tiny while a crack is any line that appears on the windshield.

Windshield Damage Comes in the Following Six Forms that Need Windshield Repair San Antonio.

1. Surface Pit Needs Windshield Repair San Antonio

A surface pit can be described as a chip on the windshield that doesn’t penetrate or pierce the plastic interlayer. If the diameter of the surface pit is larger than 1/8 inches, then it can be repaired. Note it is unnecessary to repair smaller surface pits.

2. Crack Upto 14 Inches Need Windshield Repair

A crack is a line that runs across the surface of the windshield. In most cases, cracks have a point of impact. If cracks do not interfere with the driver’s line of vision, then they can be fixed. Also, cracks that are 14 inches and below can be repaired.

3. Bullseye Windscreen Damage

When you see this type of windscreen damage, then you’ll understand why it’s called bullseye. This comprises of a dark circle on the point of impact which is surrounded by an outer layer that is cone-shaped.

If the damage is not in the driver’s line of vision and the diameter is no more than an inch, then the bullseye can be fixed. Besides that, if the point of impact is free of dirt or debris, then fixing the windscreen is a piece of cake.

4. Star Break Needs Windshield Replacement San Antonio

Star breaks are similar to stars, and its most telltale sign are several legs extending from it.  If the star break is longer than three inches, then there is no chance of fixing it, you need windshield replacement San Antonio.

5. Windshield Repair San Antonio for Half Moon

Half-moons are partial bullseyes. The damage from a half-moon can only be repaired if its diameter is not more than an inch

6. Combination Windshield Damage

A combination is windshield damage with a host of characteristics. For any chance of windshield repair San Antonio, the diameter of the combination should not be more than 2 inches.

Regardless of the type of windshield damage, you have suffered, having the trusted windshield repair San Antonio in your corner will be an added advantage.