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As a leading auto glass repair and replacement center, Miracle Auto Glass Company can tell you for free that there is auto glass, and then there IS auto glass!

Whenever you have to replace your windshield, there are a few aspects to take into consideration. One is to ensure that the auto glass is not only safe but ideal for your car make and model. Also, the repair or replacement should be handled by reputable and accomplished auto glass technicians. Lastly, the glass center should use the best materials in the installation of your auto glass, which brings us to the next section; types of auto glass:

Two Categories of Auto Glass

OEM Glass

There are 2 kinds of auto glass in the market today; the first is Original Equipment Manufacturer or OEM. This type of glass is manufactured by the same companies that made the original glass in your car’s make and model. Essentially, your car will get a nearly similar windshield like the one that came with the car when it rolled off the assembly. Settling for OEM glass is vital to your peace of mind since you’ll rest assured that the replaced glass has the same specifications as the car’s manufacturer.

OEE Glass        

OEE or Original Equipment Equivalent is the other type of auto glass. OEE glass is manufactured by companies that are not the original equipment manufacturers. Unfortunately, aftermarket auto glass might not be ideal for your car since independent auto glass companies find it legally challenging to match the precise specifications similar to the original manufacturers. And this makes OEE auto glass cheaper than the OEM.

Safety First

At this point, you can deduce that OEM is the best choice as far as auto glass selection is concerned. Some insurance firms only pay or OEE glass, while others pay for OEM glass as long as your vehicle is two years old or less. In cases when they only pay for OEE glass, you can still install OEM but settle the difference from your pocket. To be on the safe side, it is vital to choose OEM replacement glass to ensure your safety since it is made with the exact specifications of your car in mind.

At Miracle Auto Glass Company, our experienced auto glass technicians use OEM glass. Better yet, we match the standards stipulated by the American National Standards Institute (AGRSS). You can have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your glass replacement is done with the best auto glass and your safety in mind.