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Winter can be rough on vehicles, and your windshield is exposed to all the elements. It’s important to take precautions on making sure your windshield is safe and can withstand the unpredictable South Texas Winter.

It does not happen every year but there’s always a high chance we receive some type of winter precipitation in South Texas, and that can cause some severe damage to your windshield if not maintained correctly.

Replace Any Damages Immediately

You may have that small little rock chip that you’ve ignored or put off on getting fixed. Winter is here and there is ice in the forecast, and any cold precipitation on a cracked windshield it may cause it to develop into a huge crack and shatter.

Avoid Sudden Temperature Changes

A huge mistake a lot of people have made is throwing a pot of boiling water on top of their frozen windshield to defrost them. This will cause your windshield to crack instantaneously. The best way to defrost your car is let it heat up with the defroster turned on. Although this may take longer, it will cause the ice to thaw out, making it easier to remove the ice.

Use A High-Quality Ice Scraper To Remove Ice 

Ice scrapers are not commonly used here in South Texas, but it’s important you use a high quality one and not a cheap ice scraper. Cheaper ones usually use sharper scraps, which can damage the windshield. Using a higher quality one will prevent scratches or chips that a cheaper one would leave.

Replace Old Wipers

Worn old wipers can often fall apart in the winter, of that which can expose the windshield to scrapes and scratches. Running your wipers while they are old and worn can severely damage your windshield.

Stock Up On Washer Fluid 

Always make sure your washer fluid tank is full. This will help prevent scratches when wiping the windshield.

Keep Your Glass Clean

Since you have to look through the windshield when driving, you’d think you’d keep it clean. But keeping a clean windshield will help prevent other problems. A dirty windshield makes your windshield wipers have to work twice as hard and will cause them to wear down quicker. Also when using windshield wipers on a dirty windshield, it improves your chances of getting scratches and or chips.

Tips like this should help you avoid any damage occurring on your windshield. But, even in our best moments, cracks do occur. Make sure that you seek immediate windshield repairs with Miracle Auto Glass Center to stop any cracks getting worse.