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Windshield Maintenance Tips
What is Windshield Pitting and How Does it Affect Driving

The windshield is a very important car part. Apart from not allowing road debris to enter a car, it also provides structural support to the car. During an auto collision, the windshield prevents the roof from caving in on the occupants of a car.

Keeping a Windshield in Good Condition

Proper care and maintenance can prevent the problem from happening. Small chips in the windshield can turn into large cracks that can damage the windshield beyond repair. So, checking for chips and doing other maintenance tasks can keep the windshield in good condition.

There are things that can be done to avoid damage to the windshield of a car, and an article on provides these things.

Keeping a Safe Following Distance

Following a car too closely can result in an auto collision. It also increases the chance of a stone or other debris bouncing off the road and hitting the windshield, particularly when there is salt and cinders on the road.

Cleaning and Changing Wipers

Wipers become dirty and blunt after repeated use. There is a possibility that the dirt and sand in the wipers scratch the windshield of a car. It is easy to clean the wipers.

Just use a rag soaked in washer liquid in removing dirt and sand that became stuck in the wipers. Wipers also need to be changed regularly to prevent scratches on the windshield.

It is also important to not leave the wiper blades up before a snow or ice storm. The wipers can fall and break the windshield, which can lead to a windshield replacement job.