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Windshields do more than just keep road debris from getting inside a car. The windshield of a car also protects the occupants in an accident. An article on explains how windshields provide protection during an accident.

Front-End Collision Protection

A car accident that impacts the front side of a car can throw out the occupants of a car. The windshield of a car keeps the occupants inside a car that has received impact during a front-end collision. The windshield is able to do it because it is made of layers of tough glass. The poly vinyl butyral (PVB) glass layer that holds the layers of glass keeps the windshield from shattering.

If the windshield of a car in intact, it does not allow occupants to be thrown out of a car during a front-end collision. And, as the windshield is not likely to shatter during a front-end collision broken pieces of glass will not be a problem.

Offers Structural Support to a Car

The windshield of a car offers 40 percent structural support to a car. So, during an accident the windshield prevents the roof from caving in on the occupants of a car.

Considered as Safety Gear

The windshield, along with airbags and seatbelts, is considered as safety gear. According to the article, if any of the three components is not functioning as expected, component will not work. In addition, the windshield of a car also absorbs the impact of deployed airbags during an accident to make sure the airbags properly work.

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