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Three Costly Misconceptions about Replacement Windshields

In many years of serving our clients, Miracle Auto Glass Center has discovered that most of our clients aren’t very familiar with what auto glass installation entails. Here, we are debunking all misconceptions regarding replacement windshields so that you can reach an informed decision when choosing an auto glass company and ensure that you aren’t ripped off when getting auto glass services.

Misconception 1: Your windshield is not regarded as part of your vehicle’s safety equipment.

Today’s vehicles are increasingly cutting-edge and auto engineers use the windshield to prevent car occupants from being tossed out in case an accident occurs. In addition, the windshield is designed as roof support in the event the car rolls, and also helps in proper airbag deployment. An incorrectly installed windshield could put lives at risk in case an accident takes place.

Misconception 2: You can safely drive your vehicle immediately after installing a new windshield.

This can be a major mistake because the adhesive that glues your windshield in place usually takes some time to set, ranging from an hour to a day, depending on the adhesive used. Also, this duration hinges on the weather; on warm and wet weather, the adhesive dries up quickly but in drier and cold weather, it takes longer than usual. Another important point is that driving immediately the windshield is installed could make it shift a little and your car could leak in case of rains.

Misconception 3: Filing a claim with your insurer will increase the rates.

In most cases, windshield breakage results from stones and pebbles from other drivers, and since rock damage is unrelated to driving expertise, it’s categorized under comprehensive insurance. Some insurers call comprehensive insurance policies ‘acts of nature’ accidents seeing that they aren’t the fault of the driver. So, generally, the insurance rates shouldn’t increase when these ‘acts of nature’ take place.

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