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Things to Know About Auto Glass Claims and Payouts

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Making an insurance claim for auto glass repairs is almost a necessary step for many people who have been involved in an auto collision. But, there is a possibility that an auto glass insurance claim can increase the insurance rate, according to an article on While making only one insurance claim does not necessarily create a rate spike, the more insurance claims a policy holder makes, the greater the likelihood of getting an increased monthly bill.

Filing an Auto Glass Claim

It is stated in the article that it is important to talk to the insurance agent who handles the insurance policy about whether filing an auto glass claim can increase the monthly insurance bill. Of course, the final decision of making a claim is a decision reserved only to a policy holder. A policy holder can still make a claim when the accident is a result of the policy holder’s negligence. However, it may result in the increase of the insurance rate. A policy holder, however, should think twice about making a claim when the cost of repairs is low enough that the deductible cannot be met. Filing a claim will only result in a situation where the policy won’t pay out. However, there are situations that result in the approval of an auto glass claim, depending on the policy stipulations. Policy holders should make an auto glass claim for the following:

Small Chips and Cracks

A policy holder choosing repair over replacement ofsay a(broken windshield) with chips and cracks smaller than a dollar bill may prompt the insurance company to waive the deductible. It is important to talk to the insurance agent who handles the insurance policy about it.

Another Driver’s Negligence

The insurance company of the driver who is at fault pays for an auto glass repair or replacement for another car involved. The driver who is not at fault does not have to file a claim, but needs to get the insurance information of the driver who is at fault.

Accident Forgiveness

Accident forgiveness can be included in the insurance policy. An auto glass claim of a policy holder who has included accident forgiveness in the policy can make an auto glass claim even when the car accident is the fault of the policy holder. The filing of a claim may not result in the increase of insurance monthly bill.

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