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Things That Damage the Windshield and How to Avoid Them

The windshield could be damaged by accidents or negligence.

The windshield is important because it allows a driver to see clearly the road ahead. It also provides support to the roof of a car during an accident to prevent the roof from caving in on the occupants of a car. But, the windshield of a car can easily be damaged.

According to an article on, even the tiniest crack or chip can compromise the strength and durability of the windshield. The article also lists things that lead to windshield damage and how they can be remedied.

Heat Damage

Heat causes glass to expand. As a result, vulnerable areas of the windshield like glass edges develop cracks or chips. When the windshield is exposed to direct sunlight, the cracks or chips enlarge. Very cold weather, on the other hand, can make the windshield shrink in size.

Extreme changes in weather can put too much pressure on a windshield and cause it to crack. Having a windshield inspected before warmer weather approaches is recommended to prevent windshield damages.

A windshield expert should also be consulted for repair or replacement services. Preventing heat damage from happening can also be done by putting a windshield cover on the car.

Road Debris

Debris like tire tread, produce from harvest and rocks can suddenly hit the windshield of a car on the road.  It is difficult to keep debris from hitting a car, but there are things that can be done to try to avoid them. One tip is to not follow a truck of produce too closely when on the road.

Another tip is to drive slowly when driving on construction zones, unpaved roads and gravel. Driving slowly can help prevent a car getting hit by flying rocks coming from other vehicles . 

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