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Windshield Repair Myths and Misconceptions Busted by Miracle Auto Glass Company

We don’t know how crucial windshields are until something goes awry. Without windshields, drivers would be buffeted by strong winds, assaulted by bugs and insects, flying […]

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3 Types of Windshield Damage You Have to Take Seriously

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5 Simple Habits to Prevent Windshield Damage

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Insurance Coverage for Golf Ball Damage to Windshield

When a golf ball hits the windshield of a car, a repair or replacement job is needed to fix the problem. According to Farmers.com, insurance will […]

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How To Deal With Windshield Scratches

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Types of Windshield Damage That Need Windshield Repair San Antonio

Do you know that windshield damage tops the list of insurance claims in the United States? In addition, however careful a driver you might be, accidents […]