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Summertime Tips for Preventing Rock Chips from Cracking out your Windshield

It is a fact that cracked windshields are a summer thing in Texas, where the sweltering Texas sun leaves its mark on car windshields, particularly those […]

Consequences of Driving With a Cracked Windshield

Chances are high that every one of us has experienced windshield damage courtesy of flying pebbles, rocks, plus a host of different airborne debris. At times, […]

What is Windshield Pitting and How Does it Affect Driving

Windshield pitting presents a visibility problem for drivers particularly during daytime. Because good visibility allows a person to drive safely, it is important to correct the […]

What Happens When Windshield Damage is Not Fixed Immediately

Windshield damages like chips and cracks should not be ignored.  Windshields damage can happen because it gets hit by a rock or a tree branch, and […]

Who is Liable for Road Debris Windshield Damage?

A crack in the windshield caused by a rock is a huge problem. It is very possible that the crack damage is extensive and will lead […]

Insurance Coverage for a Broken Windshield Repair

When a windshield becomes damaged, it is strongly recommended to have it repaired or replaced immediately. A windshield not only shields occupants of a car from […]

Things To Remember When The Windshield of a Car is Broken

Driving can become a dangerous task when the windshield of a car is broken. When the damage in the windshield is within the line of sight […]

Get Your Chipped Windshield Repaired before Winter Hits in San Antonio

Driving a car or any other vehicle with a chipped windshield is not safe. This is especially true when you have to drive in winters with […]

Everything You Should Know – Windshield Repair and Replacement

When the windshield of your vehicle gets a chip or crack, you have more than one option to get the damage resolved. For instance, a small […]