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OEM Glass Vs After Market Glass

If you’re in the market for new car windows, it may be time to consider OEM and aftermarket options. While you may have heard about the […]

How to Know a Good Windshield

The windshield is a transparent screen made of glass and is usually located at the front and back of a vehicle to protect its occupants from […]

Auto Glass Repair and Replacement

Caring for the glass parts of a car can prevent unnecessary repairs. But, there are damages that cannot be prevented. Glass parts can shatter, chip or […]

The Best Ways to Maintain and Safeguard Your Windshield

Compared to regular glass in your home, auto glass is constructed in a special way, and that’s why it shatters differently if there’s an accident. Still, […]

Extending the Life of Your New Windshield Replacement

When your windshield gets damaged, it should be repaired as soon as possible. Remember that even insignificant cracks could end up becoming massive issues if not […]

Understanding the Different Windows in Your Car

Vehicles have evolved tremendously since the first models. Part of these changes involves safety features like car windows. Vehicle windows have transformed from typical easily-breakable glass […]

Problems That Cause the Windshield to Crack

There are many things that can cause the windshield of a car to crack. A crack can worsen over time and can lead to either repair […]

RV Windshield Maintenance Tips

Caring for the windshield of an RV keeps it from getting damaged and helps avoid a costly repair or replacement job. According to a blog post […]

How Windshields Protect During a Car Collision Event

On any given day, the windshield of a car provides excellent protection from dirt, debris and small objects. And, when there is a car crash, the […]