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Understanding the Different Windows in Your Car

Vehicles have evolved tremendously since the first models. Part of these changes involves safety features like car windows. Vehicle windows have transformed from typical easily-breakable glass […]

Problems That Cause the Windshield to Crack

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RV Windshield Maintenance Tips

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Auto Glass Repair and Replacement

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How Windshields Protect During a Car Collision Event

On any given day, the windshield of a car provides excellent protection from dirt, debris and small objects. And, when there is a car crash, the […]

Choosing the Right Repair Shop

An auto glass shop must be able to provide excellent repair and replacement services. So, it is important to find a shop that does just that. […]

5 Reasons Why Power Windows are Malfunctioning

With power windows, people can open or close the window of their car with just a push of a button. There was a time when drivers […]

How a Broken Rear Windshield is Replaced?

Also known as back glass or rear window, the rear windshield is another car part that plays an important role in protecting the occupants of a […]

Get Your Vehicle Back In Safe Condition with Miracle Auto Glass Center

Driving a vehicle with damaged glass can become problematic if not fixed immediately. Over time the cracks and chips can get worse with long streaks spanning […]