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Cold weather conditions in Texas are responsible for windshields that have been covered in ice. Ice that has accumulated on a windshield is often difficult to remove.

A windshield covered in ice is something that can be prevented and it only requires basic items to prevent the icy situation from happening. The article provides a list of things that can be done.

Vinegar Spray

Making a vinegar spray only requires three parts vinegar and one part water. Mix the two together in a bottle spray. The mixture needs to be sprayed on the windshield every night.

Take the vinegar spray outside and spray it liberally on the windshield and other glass pieces of the car. And, then with a squeegee or an old rag wipe down the windshield and other auto glass pieces.

Do not worry if wiping down the glass pieces was not done the night before. The solution is able to dissolve on contact and it can be removed with the help of the wipers. As a reminder, do not use hot water because the change in temperature can damage the windshield.

Salt Water

If vinegar is not available, salt water can be used in preventing ice to accumulate on the windshield. The mixture of salt and water will have the same effect as that with vinegar and water. Both freeze at lower temperature than normal water.

Rubbing Alcohol

A rubbing alcohol solution consists of two parts alcohol and one part water. The solution works like the vinegar spray or salt water solution.


The oil from the onion is effective in keeping frost from forming on the windshield. Slice an onion lengthwise and use it on the windshield.

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