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Repair Process for Windshield

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Windshield damages should not be ignored. A windshield chip that may at first look like a small cosmetic problem can grow into a large crack that is capable of impairing the vision of the driver while driving, according to an article on

A chip in the windshield can be repaired by an expert glass technician, however. The article provides the process of repairing the windshield damage in an (auto glass center).

Damage Inspection

Before repairing the damage, the chip is examined to see whether it can be repaired or not. Windshield damage can be classified as a crack, bullseye or pit.


A line from the point of impact is called a crack. A crack that is less than 12 inches can be repaired, but if the crack is already making it difficult for the driver to have a clear view of the road ahead, the entire windshield then needs to be replaced.


As its name suggests, a bullseye chip is like a bullseye with a point of impact with incremental rings. A bulleseye chip that is less than an inch can still be repaired.


A pit damage in the windshield can be a challenge to a technician. A pit damage is problematic because there is a small chunk of glass that is missing from the windshield. But, a pit damage can still be repaired as long as the plastic interlay of the glass has not been penetrated.

Chip Cleaning

After evaluation, the chip is cleaned to remove dirt, moisture and debris for the repair to have a smooth, clean finish. The technician will make sure that small pieces of loose glass which could crumble and gets stuck in the chip.

Repair by Vacuum

When the damaged windshield is ready for repair, a crack repair tool filled with resin is used to repair the damage. The repair tool is attached to the glass with suckers and is activated to create a vacuum underneath the seal. Creating a vacuum ensures that air is removed, for the resin to successfully cure.

Use of Resin

The next step is filling the chip with resin. Application of resin should be a short process, but it still depends on the type of resin that will be used. The tool is used to fill the chip with liquid resin.

After filling the chip, UV light is used for curing. It allows the resin to dry quickly and the crack to bond together.  Resin around the edge that has not cured can compromise the integrity of the repair.

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