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Problems That Cause the Windshield to Crack

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There are many things that can cause the windshield of a car to crack. A crack can worsen over time and can lead to either repair or replacement of the windshield.

So, it is important to watch out for problems that can cause a windshield to crack. An article on provides a list of factors that can cause a windshield to crack. Here are some of them:

Quality of the Windshield Glass

The quality of the glass used in manufacturing a windshield can determine whether a windshield can get easily damaged or not. A windshield with glass that is of poor quality is likely to break easily than others. Even a small hit can break it.

Installation Problems

A windshield that has not been installed properly can make the glass of the windshield crack over time, A crack damage in a windshield because of improper installation is rare, but the issue should be fixed immediately.

Gravel Roads

A driver needs to be more careful when driving on a gravel road. There is a chance that stones and other debris from other vehicles hit the windshield. Most of the time, the gravel itself is the reason why a windshield becomes damaged. Keeping as much distance from other vehicles when driving is the solution.

Construction Vehicles

Vehicles that are used in construction services usually carry loads of gravel, soil and other materials. It is always recommended not follow the vehicles too closely.

Temperature Changes

Changes in temperature can damage a windshield. It is important to be ready for such conditions to avoid damaging the windshield.


One of the most common causes of windshield cracks is heat from the sunlight. But, the problem usually goes unnoticed. The extreme heat from direct sunlight causes the outer edge of the glass to expand faster than its center. And, the problem can lead to a windshield replacement job. It is always recommended to park a car in places that do not expose it to direct sunlight.

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