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Your ready to head out to work or run some errands, and you get inside your car only to discover your windshield cracked for no reason. Then you wonder did it happen when you were driving home yesterday?

The important thing to know is a windshield will not crack for no reason. There is always a reason to why a windshield can crack, and maybe you just didn’t notice it in the first place when it originally happened.

Reasons a windshield can crack

  • Flying rocks or gravel when driving
  • A rogue baseball
  • A tree branch
  • Hail

Usually a crack forms from one of these reasons above.

Below are some other reasons less likely to happen that could cause a windshield crack, but they can happen.

Pressure changes

Pressure changes from things such as sudden high wind gusts, or even setting something heavy on the windshield, could potentially be enough to create a crack that seems to come out of nowhere.

Glass imperfections

A recall may of been issued for your windshield. Or there may have simply been a nearly invisible imperfection that you didn’t see.

Improper or poor installation

There are high standards for windshield installation, but not everyone is perfect and mistakes can happen. If the windshield isn’t installed properly, it could be loose, and vibrations could then cause stress fractures to form.


Sunlight has much the same effect as temperature changes. It heats the metal near the edges faster than the middle of the windshield, and causes cracks.

What to do if your windshield cracked

It’s important to immediately fix a broken windshield. Some damage could look extremely minor, but as you saw above and in other recent post, a minor crack could form into a larger crack forcing you to have to replace your whole windshield.

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