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Miracle Auto Glass Company Tips on How to Avoid Windshield Damage

As the leading and most accomplished auto glass repair and replacement expert locally and beyond, at Miracle Auto Glass Company, we have heard lots of experiences regarding causes of windshield damage. While others are totally unpreventable, there are others that you can avoid with a little care and alertness. As your auto glass service of choice, we have compiled a list of some of these causes so that you can prevent damage to your auto glass.

Incorrect De-Icing Techniques

Ice and snow are some of the issues that car owners have to contend with daily, and they have given rise to all sorts of deicing techniques, some safe, and some devastating to your auto glass. For instance, pouring scalding water on frozen auto glass may lead to cracking due to the sudden temperature change.

In addition, chipping away the ice using sharp-pointed objects will easily scratch, crack, or even chip the glass. The best way is to embrace safe deicing methods and tools, or defrosting your car patiently.

Dump Truck Rocks

Dump trucks are everywhere and they carry a fearsome array of objects, ranging from dirt, rocks, pebbles, metal objects, and a plethora of other debris. At times, these objects fall off the dump trucks and are tossed onto the windshields of the incoming cars. This is why it pays to keep a reasonable distance from these garbage trucks.

Mother Nature

The elements are and will always be enemies of your auto glass. Ranging from the hot sun to storms, and hail, bad weather will devastate your auto glass within no time. Your best course of action when bad weather is imminent is to stay off the road until it passes. And in case the storm hits as you are driving, slow down and find a sheltered place.


Some accidents are inevitable and aren’t your fault but the devastation is the same regardless of whose fault it was. To minimize the chances of being in an auto accident, always pay close attention to your surroundings when behind the wheel. Also be careful when parking, for instance, don’t park near where kids are playing baseball or under an old tree that sheds branches all the time.

These tips will help you avoid auto glass damage as much as possible. But if the damage has already occurred, what should you do? Just call us at Miracle Auto Glass Company, or head to our auto glass repair and replacement shop and we will make things right.