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Miracle Auto Glass Company Tips for Cleaning Your Windshield

At times, you may not even realize that your windshield is a mess until the sunlight hits it just right and you get a wake-up call! The majority of car owners have a habit of only washing their auto glass when going for a full auto body wash. This is why you usually see cars with smudges and dirt spots all over the windshield. As your leading auto glass service provider, Miracle Auto Glass Company has assembled a few safety pointers for when cleaning your windshield.

Washing Materials and Solutions

The very first step is to ensure that you use clean and delicate cleaning material for your auto glass. Microfibers fit the bill perfectly but you have to make sure that there are no particles stuck to them as they can cause permanent scratches to the glass.

In addition, the cleaning substances/solutions you use should be specially made for windshields or auto glass, if you may. Any glass cleaning substance with ammonia will wreak devastation on your glass, particularly tinted ones. The toxicity of ammonia fumes will cause cracks in your car’s vinyl, rubber and leather surfaces.


Your car needs shelter not only when not in motion but also when being cleaned. When cleaning your auto glass, doing so in the open and harsh sun will lead to rapid evaporation of your cleaning solution, and hence shoddy work.

The Actual Cleaning

Your car’s windshield is likely to have an array of stuff, from dead insects, smudges, oily marks, mud, dust, and even bird droppings. Begin by meticulously and delicately removing them using a mesh sponge. Ensure that you spray the windshield cleaner on the microfiber or washcloth. Always use multiple cloths to prevent dirt streaks. Finally, buff-dry using spotless microfiber cloths to ensure a pristine and polished finish.

Additional Considerations

Remember to clean the wiper blades so that they can work effortlessly on the glass and also to keep them from smearing the windshield. Torn, cracked, damaged, or dry wipers should be replaced. Always keep an eye on your washer fluid levels regularly.

Miracle Auto Glass Company has your interests at heart. We are the leading auto glass service company around and you can trust us with all your glass repairs and replacements. Call us or visit our shop for specialized services that are a cut above the rest.