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Miracle Auto Glass Company Tips for Cleaning Your Windshield
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Miracle Auto Glass Company Tips for Caring for a Newly Replaced Windshield

Your car’s windshield ranks among the most crucial components and it deserves the utmost care. Apart from protecting the occupants from pollutants, the wind, insects, and dust, the windshield also safeguards them in the event of an accident. Given the vital role the windshield plays, your favorite auto glass company, Miracle Auto Glass Company, has compiled ways of taking care of your windshield.

Avoid Scratches from Wipers

Ideally, vehicle wipers should serve you for roughly six months. After that, they become worn out and leave circular scratches on your windshield and this will interfere with the driver’s vision.

In the event your wipers cause plenty of friction or moves with jerking motions, it may damage the newly-replaced windshield. This is why timely replacement of windshield wipers is recommended.

Avoid Harsh Windshield Cleaning

As you clean your car’s windshield, make sure that there are no gravel or sand particles on the glass. Say these particles are stuck on the washing cloth; then the odds are high that they’ll make a mess of your auto glass.

To be on the safe side, wash the auto glass with soft and delicate materials such as microfiber cloth. And remember to always keep your windshield clean since the cleaner it is, the less chances of it being scratched.

Park in a Sheltered Place

Make it a habit to always park your car under a shade, a sheltered place, or make use of a suitable car cover.

Parking in direct sunlight wouldn’t augur well for your car due to the UV rays and heat. When you have replaced your windshield and you park for long durations under direct sun, this will add more pressure on the newly-replaced glass and cause it to crack.

Keep a Safe Distance

When driving, your car tends to pick up sand particles, gravel, pebbles, and a host of other stuff on the road. In case there’s another car closely behind, these particles may cause some damage or even restrict the visibility of the driver. In this case, driving a safe distance from the nearby cars is advisable.

Don’t Slam Car Doors

One of the greatest enemies of newly installed auto glass is slamming your car doors. When you do that, the air pressure in the car is increased and this will lead to cracks on the glass or widen any existing ones.

Embrace Regular Maintenance from Miracle Auto Glass Company

In the same way you make sure that your car engine is well maintained, extend the same service to you auto glass. Ensure that you use an accomplished and professional auto glass service like Miracle Auto Glass Company for your windshield maintenance, repairs, and servicing. Using a shoddy and inexperienced auto glass service doesn’t guarantee top-notch service.