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Laws on Window Tints and Types of Tint Films

Heat shrinking window film rear car window.

Tinted windows can make a car look very stylish. Tinted windows add to the style of a car by making it look sleeker while maximizing privacy, according to A tinted car also makes the car look sporty. Tinted windows also shields the occupants of a car from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Laws on Tinted Windows

Car windows do not always come tinted. Tinted windows are optional and there is an extra cost to have them. There is also the option for do-it-yourself (DIY) application of tints on car windows. But, before getting tinted car windows or attempting a DIY project, it’s a good idea to get a guide on tinted windows, as stated in an article on This article discusses what the law says about tinted windows and the different types of window tint film.

The Driver Vehicles Standards Agency (DVSA) outlines the laws on tinted windows. For windows a windshield film must let in a minimum of 75% light. For the front side windows, the windshield film must let in a minimum of 75% light. Not following the law can result in getting a prohibition notice from a police officer, preventing the car from being driven on the road until the tinting has been removed.

Types of Tint Film for Car Windows

There are four main types of window tint film, and knowing them can help in the decision-making. The tints can be applied in (auto glass repair) and replacement jobs at an auto body shop.

The tint film is the most common and the most affordable. It has a sticky back,  but a heated gun is needed for it to adhere to the window. It appears black from the outside and is clear from the inside.

Metallized Tint Film

Microscopic metal particles are included in the film for a shiny, metallic finish. The film is excellent in keeping heat out of the car. The film also serves as a protective layer so the glass is not likely to shatter.

Carbon Window Tint Film

The tint film is better than a metallic tint film because it does not disrupt phone and radio signals. It also gives excellent protection against the heat from the sun even when summer is at its hottest.

Ceramic Window Tint Film

The tint film is considered as the crème-de-la-crème of window tints because of its excellent protection from harmful UV rays as well as solar heat, allowing the temperature inside a car to be nice and cool even in summer.

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