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Insurance Coverage for Golf Ball Damage to Windshield

When a golf ball hits the windshield of a car, a repair or replacement job is needed to fix the problem. According to, insurance will most likely cover the expenses. The article also provides a few important pointers (in) filing an insurance claim for a windshield damaged by a golf ball.

Comprehensive Insurance Coverage

The insurance coverage takes care of windshield damages that are not caused by an auto collision. Damages included in the insurance coverage are not only limited to wayward golf balls. A windshield damage that is a result of theft or vandalism is also paid for comprehensive insurance coverage.

Comprehensive insurance coverage is an optional coverage. A policy holder with comprehensive insurance coverage needs to pay a deductible. The insurance company will reimburse the repair for a damaged windshield depending on the amount of damage and the deductible of the policy holder.

Amount of Deductible Higher Than the Cost of Repair

There are times that the deductible that needs to be paid is higher than the cost of repair. A policy holder may be better off paying the cost of repair than calling the insurance company in such situation. However, there are insurance companies like Farmers Insurance that offer an alternative.

Farmers Insurance offers an insurance coverage option at an additional cost that solves the problem of the deductible exceeding the repair cost. The optional coverage is applicable to windshield and glass repair and replacement. It also allows for a fixed amount of deductible to be paid, which is $100.

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