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How Weather Conditions and Temperature Changes Can Break a Windshield

Inside of the car with windshield that was broken in car accident where the walker is injured. Car is on the road. Photo taken with wide lens

Weather conditions are common causes of windshield damage. The weather in Texas can become unpredictable. And, there is always a chance that the windshield of a car becomes damaged because of the weather. Temperature changes are also damaging to the windshield.

Both weather conditions and temperature changes can also worsen the existing damages of the windshield. An article on offers an explanation on how weather and temperature can cause windshield damage.

Hail Damage

Hail is a result of water droplets in the cloud bonding and freezing.  Hailstones can be larger and have more irregular shapes than pure crystals of ice, which make hail dangerous.

Hailstones can create small dents on the exterior of a car. Larger hailstones like hailstones as large as golf balls can destroy a windshield. When the golf ball-sized hailstones hit the windshield of a car, they can leave behind cracks in the windshield or even cause the windshield to break.


Rain, while not as damaging as hail, can also damage the windshield. Rain does not cause cracks or chips in the windshield. However, when there is already a crack or chip in the windshield, rainwater can seep through a crack and freeze when the temperature becomes very cold. As a result, rainwater that has turned into ice can make a crack larger or a chip deeper.

Temperature Changes

Changes in temperature do affect the durability of the windshield of a car. Cranking up the defroster when ice has already formed on the surface of the windshield may do more harm than good.

It may only cause the windshield to crack or an existing crack to spread. It is because glass contracts when it is cold. Blasting hot air on cold glass makes the glass rapidly expand and be susceptible to cracking.

In summertime, the opposite can happen. Exposing the windshield to sunlight and then turning on the air conditioner in full blast can cause the windshield glass to contract and break.

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