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How Important are ADAS Calibration Procedures

With advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), cars can have different safety features. According to an article on, the number of cars on the road equipped with ADAS safety features is increasing.Many cars today have features like lane departure detection, parking assist and emergency braking. For this reason,  auto collision shops that offer (windshield repair) and other (auto glass repair)s must be able to do ADAS calibrations.

An auto glass shop that needs to repair a (broken windshield)may also need to perform an ADAS calibration procedure. The equipment for the calibration must be available at the repair shop or can be outsourced. There are many other types of glass repair or replacement jobs that may include an ADAS calibration. The article explains when is an ADAS calibration necessary. The article also provides two big reasons why ADAS calibration procedures should be performed more often.

When Should ADAS Calibration Be Included in Glass Repairs

As a general rule, glass repairs that require the windshield or side mirrors to be moved, adjusted or replaced require a calibration. So, it is very possible that all  windshield and glass mirrors repairs for cars that are equipped with ADAS technology must include ADAS calibration procedures.

Why ADAS Calibration Procedures Should Be Performed More Often

The article cites providing accuracy as one big reason to incorporate an ADAS calibration in repairs. ADAS safety features are  highly sensitive and are adjusted to the right millimeter. The sensors that activate the safety features, for example, give an exact measurement of the distance between an obstacle and each side of a car. It is useful in windshields because it determines the safe braking distances.

Another good reason to do more ADAS repairs is to ensure driver safety. A car has ADAS safety features mainly because the features help make driving safer. So, ADAS sensors need to be adjusted exactly to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specifications to be able to function properly.