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Guidelines in Windshield Repair and Replacement Services

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Giving a driver a clear view of the road without allowing debris to enter the car makes a windshield a very useful part of the car. A windshield is considered a safety gear in an auto collision. It offers protection to the occupants of the car by helping keep them inside the car on impact. It also provides 40% structural support to the roof of a car, according to

A damaged windshield is a safety concern, so there is every reason to get a car to the repair shop when the windshield is already damaged. An article on explains how to handle a broken windshield, from inspection to (windshield repair) or replacement.

Inspection of the Damage to the Windshield

Windshields are usually made of laminated safety glass. The type of glass offers excellent protection to the occupants of a car when there is a collision. Laminated safety glass has two different parts. The outer part is laminated glass and the inner part is tempered glass. The two layers of glass are glued together with a layer of polyvinyl-butyral or PVB. Small objects like pebbles that hit the windshield of a car only damage the outer glass. And, in a severe collision event where their windshield becomes shattered, there is always a chance that the PVB layer will prevent broken glass from flying into the face of the occupants.

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Repair or Replace?

There was a time when a windshield repair is not an option in (auto glass repair) jobs. Any damage made to a windshield would have required replacement. New technologies these days, however, have made it possible to repair a windshield to save time and cost and hassle of having to replace a windshield.

As a general rule, small scratches, and a maximum of two chips which size is less than 40 millimeters. A damage to a windshield that exceeds the mentioned specifications will only be fixed by a (broken windshield) replacement service. Other factors that require replacement of a windshield are as follows:

  • Crack that has penetrated both laminated and tempered glass layers
  • Damage to the PVB layer
  • Replacement option for a windshield which damage begins or ends at the edges of the glass
  • Replacement option for a windshield which damage is within the driver’s line of sight