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Factors That Damage Windshields and Repair Coverage

Windshields are made of tough glass layers but they can still be damaged because of several factors. One of them is road debris. Any object that comes in contact with a windshield could damage it, as stated in an article on Forbes.com.

The article provides a list of things that can damage a windshield. It also offers useful information about repair and replacement options for a broken windshield.

Things That Cause Damage To a Windshield

The article lists the following things that are potential hazards to windshield:

  • Gravel and road debris
  • Hail
  • Debris like a tree branch
  • Poor quality or installation
  • Temperature
  • Accidents

Gravel and road debris on the road that are thrown from another vehicle can damage a windshield. Hail is another factor that damages a windshield. Hail can be as large as a golf ball and can fall with a speed between 25 to 40 miles per hour.

The windshield of a car in a parking lot can be damaged by a falling tree branch. Poor quality or installation of a windshield can lead to damages in the windshield. A windshield that is of poor quality is vulnerable to chipping or cracking.

A poorly-installed windshield, on the other hand, could be damaged when it vibrates at higher speeds. And, a car collision or a sudden change in temperature can also cause a windshield to break.

Out-of-Pocket Expense for Windshield Repair

Comprehensive insurance coverage pays for windshield repairs but the policy holder still needs to pay an out-of-pocket expense called a deductible. It is possible that the deductible to be paid is higher than the amount to repair or replacement job for a broken windshield.

There are insurance companies, however, that sell zero-deductible or full glass coverage. The coverage is offered as an option that is separate from the comprehensive coverage.

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