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Different Types of Glass and Their Purpose

Rain and light sensor on the windshield of the car

Automotive glass has many uses and is considered as a vital component of a car. As part of a car window, glass does not only prevent debris from getting inside a car but also provide support to the roof of the car to keep the roof from collapsing during a car crash. A tinted glass window offers protection against harmful UV rays and help keeps the temperature cool inside a car.

Automotive glass as part of car windows have different purposes, and it is important to know what they are. This article offers a guide to the different pieces of glass of a car, from front to rear, as stated in an article on AnthonyVolkGlass.com.

Front Windshield

The windshield is the first piece one encounters on most cars. It is known as a windscreen on European cars. The windshield provides support to the structure of a car and protect the occupants of a car.

It is important to keep the windshield of a car free of cracks, holes and scratches, particularly within the driver’s line of sight. A (broken windshield) can obstruct visibility, so any sign of damage in a windshield should be a reason to get the car to a (windshield repair) and replacement technician.

Front Vent Windows

Moving towards the rear of a car, one may find side vent windows. The windows are more prevalent in older car models. Many newer cars today have molded door glass to replace the front vent windows that has a single piece of glass. But, front vent windows are pieces of glass that are triangular in shape, with each glass having its own frame that is fitted into the door frame and window.

Side Door Windows

Door windows that roll up and down are controlled either by a crank or an electronic button. What makes a rear side door window different from a front side door window on some cars is that the rear ones do not roll all the way down because they are equipped with a feature for child safety.

Quarter Glass

Quarter glass windows are small windows in the rear body panel of a car. Usually, the windows cannot be opened.

Rear Windshield

The rear windshield may have defrosting wires, an embedded antenna and even a wiper unit. It may also be lowered like the side glass windows.

Sunroofs, Moonroofs and Specialty Roofs

Panoramic sun roof in the car

Sunroofs and moonroofs allow more natural light and air to enter a car. Panoramic roofs and all-glass roofs are usually in a fixed position, but there are newer models that can be opened.

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