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Deductibles on Glass Repair Claims

Insurance companies normally pay for auto glass repairs but based it on the deductible or the out-of-pocket expense of a policy holder.

Deductibles and Comprehensive Insurance Policy

According to, car insurance policies only cover cost of repairs that are beyond the policy holder’s deductible. But, a policy holder with a comprehensive insurance policy may be allowed to not pay the deductible for glass repairs.

However, there are insurance companies that only waive deductibles for glass repairs, but not for replacements. So, it is important to talk to the agent who handles the insurance policy about waiving of deductibles before filing a claim.

While a comprehensive insurance policy requires a deductible, the amount of deductible is set by the policy holder upon signing up. Some insurance companies even have a no-deductible policy.

Filing a Claim

Insurance policy holders usually wonder whether filing a claim is a good decision or not. According to the article, filing a claim should be considered if the cost of repairs is greater than the deductible. Filing a claim does not necessarily impact the premium.

A policy holder who cannot pay the deductible can delay a glass repair. However, repairing a broken windshield as soon as possible is important, as a broken windshield may only earn a policy holder a ticket from a police officer.

Filing a glass claim must be done as soon as possible to be able to get a broken windshield repaired. Even a small chip can turn into a larger windshield issue if repair is delayed. Comprehensive coverage allows for a no-cost windshield repair that has all the conveniences a repair shop can offer.

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