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DIY Windshield Patch and Windshield Resin Repairs for a Broken Windshield

When windshield replacement is the only repair option, there are do-it-yourself or DIY fixes that people attempt to do. Replacing a windshield without the help of an auto glass center or a car repair shop has its pros and cons.

According to an article on, a DIY windshield replacement the pros are incurring less expensive replacement cost, having no set schedule and acquiring a new skill. The article also provides a list of DIY windshield replacement cons.

And, the cons given in the article can make one think twice about doing a DIY replacement. Lack of experience, for example, may only result in an overwhelming experience. There are times that windshield replacement is best left to expert technicians, who have worked on so many broken windshields.

Apart from lack of experience that can result in failed DIY project, there are other cons of DIY windshield replacement that are worthy of consideration, including problems with applying pressure, issues with time and lack of warranty and insurance coverage.

Not Applying the Right Amount of Pressure

Applying too much pressure on the glass during installation could damage the new glass. On the other hand, not applying the right amount of pressure can prevent the glass from sticking.

Waste of Time

There are auto glass shops that can dispatch technicians to the house of a customer to replace a broken windshield. Others offer a car pickup service. Both conveniences allow a customer to get a windshield replacement service for a car without interrupting the schedule of the customer. Furthermore, if an auto glass shop does the job instead, it allows a customer to save time.

No Warranty

Windshield replacement jobs normally include a warranty to give customer the assurance that quality work is at hand. A DIY windshield replacement may lead to a failed project that wastes both time and money.

Insurance Issues

The insurance provider of a customer often cover windshield damages with no impact to the policy holder’s premium. On the other hand, doing a DIY windshield replacement requires out-of-pocket expenses for supplies.