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Common Causes for Windshield Cracks

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So you don’t know how your windshield got a crack on it. Don’t worry, this is something very common and it happens to most of the people, so the best way to get rid of all the cracks is to get your windshield repair in San Antonio. However, as a car owner, you should know the reasons behind all the menace.


The combination of dust with other particles may look usual, but they can cause you a big loss. How? Well! When they hit your windshield with an enormous strength given to them by the blowing winds, the debris works like a bullet (although not powerful enough to destroy the entire glass). So, if you haven’t parked your vehicle in a safe shady area, then don’t be surprised to see any chip on the windscreen. Therefore, make sure you safely park your car in a place where the windshield and side windows are protected from all the corners. Your garage is the ideal place for that.

Incorrect Windscreen Installation

Another reason to find cracks on your windshield is because of poor fitting of the glass. You cannot blame the manufacturers, as they carefully test every unit before making it commercial. Nevertheless, your previously hired technician could have made a blunder while installing or fixing the windscreen. So, whenever you go for windshield repair, tell the technician to fix the glass accurately, or else a little pressure can crack the windscreen or it can be dislocated from your vehicle’s frame any time.

UV Rays

UV Rays are harmful to your windshield and it is one of the reasons why you get chips on the glass. Due to a high temperature, heat waves expand your windscreen from the corners, and because of limited space, the cracks begin to appear. These cracks, if not repaired, could also reach the center of the windscreen. So, it is better to cover your car when it is parked.

Despite several reasons, the most basic causes that put tiny or huge cracks on your windscreen are mentioned here. So, if you want to save your time and money on windshield repair in San Antonio then take good care of your car by following all the directions. Sooner, you will be amazed to see how a few preventive steps have helped you vanished all the ‘surprised chips’ incidents.

Call us today if your vehicle has already suffered from a windshield crack and we’ll show you how we still work miracles every day.